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In the grounds of Castle Howard, the mausoleum was built in 1791 and is still the private burial place of the Howard family.
In the 1720's the 3rd Earl of Carlisle announced his decision to build a grand funeral monument for himself and his family. Initially he consulted Sir John Vanbrugh, but following his death in 1726, the Earl turned to Nicholas Hawksmoor. The result is one of the finest, free-standing mausolea in northern Europe.
Begun in 1729, the Mausoleum took just over twelve years to build.
The 3rd Earl was temporarily buried in St Martin's Church, Bulmer, three miles away, before being interred in the Mausoleum in 1741
Beneath the chapel is the crypt, which contains 63 loculi, or niches, for receiving coffins.The Mausoleum is still the burial place of the Howard family.
New River in the foreground was widened from a natural stream in the 1730's, prior to the construction of New River Bridge in the 1740s.
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